Data and Disaster Recovery for Businesses

Canadian or US Data Storage
Reliable data recovery custom plans that address one of your most critical business problems: How to insure and protect your data. Multiple versions of it!

COMMbits Cloud Backup


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  • If your profession requires you to keep data in Canada (i.e. Law Offices) then please choose the Canada Data Location.
  • Please contact us for Server Backup pricing.

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A Business, Managed Solution!

We monitor daily that backups from your location do occur and we will contact you if backups stop for any reason. We can setup which files to backup and push backups remotely, as well as pull data from the cloud, back onto your computer.

COMMbits Cloud Backup Portal Included – View your files on the cloud and download any version of any file. Visit our portal at

Managed, custom Business Cloud Backup solutions for a variety of uses:

  • Protect networks with servers and multiple workstations.
  • Ideal for Law Offices, Accounting Firms and other businesses that must ensure data integrity.
  • Long-term archiving for photography studios.
  • Custom solutions from one to hundreds of users.
  • Protect files from accidental overrides using multiple versions.
  • Retrieve files remotely using a simple browser.
  • Quickly recover from online threats and other attacks.
  • Business continuity in case of a disaster.
  • Encrypt data with military-grade security.

We’ve got you covered.


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Default-US, Canada

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