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A Smart Web microsite...

… is a small group of web pages (usually up to 10) on their own domain name, meant to function as a small main website, or a supplement to a bigger, primary website. “Smart” means that content adjusts automatically for proper display in smart phones and other devices.

Our solution builds expandable microsites so smart that they automatically adjust to any browser and any device, including mobile devices and smartphones!

  • Showcase new products or services
  • New Product campaigns
  • Creative virtual brochures
  • Build beautiful photo galleries
  • Publish corporate annual reports
  • Precursors to a start up company’s main website
  • Provide information on events
  • Ideal for personal profiles (music, sports, actors, etc.)
  • Wedding invitations
  • Build search engine popularity

30 minutes FREE Webmaster Service

We will get you started with a custom landing page or a basic site layout.
Narrow focus = better SEO
Web microsites are typically used for specific editorial, marketing or commercial purposes, for example to market a specific product or service. The scope of a microsite is very narrow and specific.

Due to their nature web microsites have the big advantage of narrow focusing on their underlying keywords, a factor that can dramatically increase positioning in Search Engines or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It is easy to create microsites that target topic-specific keywords, and write content that is appealing, while at the same time is Search Engine-friendly. See also our professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

Microsite Integration

e-Commerce Integration

We have what you need to get an online store up and running in no time. Your new website can be upgraded to a fully-fledged electronic storefront.

Advanced web modules

Advanced Modules

Photo galleries, toggles, sliders, call-to-action, blurbs, counters, sidebars, tabs, you name it! Your website will be delivered with tons of treat modules. Combine and arrange them in any order. The possibilities are countless.
Responsive web microsites

Fully Responsive Microsites

Your new, smart website adjusts automatically to any device, including mobile devices and smartphones! No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your website is going to look great! In any browser, in any device.
Complete microsite solutions

Complete Microsite Solutions

From optional professional web design, webmaster services, domain management to business web hosting and training, we offer a complete solution for peace of mind. We’ve got you covered!

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Responsive content - we build smart microsites for tablets and smartphones too

It’s Elegantly Responsive

It’s important for your website to play well with mobile visitors as well. Your new website will be so smart that it will automatically adapt to whatever screen size is being used to browse. Your website will look great and will be a breeze to read on mobile phones and desktop computers alike.

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  • Learning Curve 10% 10%
  • Headaches 0% 0%

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